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another hen hatching biddies and more goings on…

April 18, 2009

We have one more biddie from another hen. Sadly two have died, and another has been tring to hatch for two days….My husband is itching to “help” it….But we’ve always had problems when we didn’t just let nature take its course, so we’re waiting. And waiting…

Speaking of nature, we have two outdoor cats. We also have LOTS of birds here, and nature is that a cat will catch a bird, right? Well, dear son wouldn’t let that happen yesterday when he found a baby bird lying on the ground. We hunted and hunted for the nest but only found one that was a bit on the ragged side, and the baby wouldn’t stay put when we placed it in there. We put it in an old rabbit cage. The cats almost killed it three times since. Every mother bird on our place was throwing a fit when they heard it chirping…Talk about communal! The baby is supposedly a brown thrasher, but even a mockingbird and other birds were looking out after it! Now it is in the house! Oh dear! Talk about déjà vu! When our children were little we always had an assortment of animals and birds in the house…We even had baby pigs wrapped in blankets one time when it was icy outside, and they slid right out of the pen onto the icy/cold ground and right in the middle of a puddle. Of course they had to have a bath, as well!  Hmmmm, yeah…But they were so CUTE!!!

Growing Lavender

April 18, 2009
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teaGrowing Lavender, DayBreak Lavender Farm.

Very good info on growing your own lavender! Having failed three times, this is the information I’ve been looking for.

not happy…

April 16, 2009

We lost three of our laying hens. We think it was a fox, as we spotted one in the driveway after we found piles of red, white and black feathers trailing down the field toward the foxes den that they share with a gopher… For years we have protected, and admired the foxes, their little ones, got mad at anyone for shooting them, and thought we didn’t have a problem with them, kept at a distance. (Fox are carriers of rabies) But now we are having our doubts, needless to say,  about other negative points as well…At LEAST he/she didn’t catch the mother hen and biddies or the setting hens! I pray they will remain safe from the varmint/varment! (WordPress has a terrible spell-checker! hmm) I was going to post a pic of a fox, but I don’t want anyone to say how cute they are….LOL

Happy Easter…

April 10, 2009

Click picture to enlarge and print Easter cards.







Busy day today…

April 9, 2009

We worked in the garden planting onions, and hoeing, fed the chickens and horses, had fun watching our new biddies, and listening to our rooster (that we thought was a capon?) crowing…I wrote about him in an earlier post, saying he was a capon, because he looked like the hens…WELL, would you believe he has sprouted long tail feathers, has a big comb and today he started crowing…We had the pleasure of being out there! It was so funny, I wish we had had a video recorder. My take on this whole thing is—-he was content being like the hens until the two new roosters came along, and he decided he had to be like them….My husband says he just wasn’t old enough to be a real rooster, but I’ll stick to my story….LOL

The biddies are a week and a half old and already have wings, and they’re  fast as I don’t know what! It’s amazing how little creatures can do so much, so soon after birth. The last pic is the mama hen scurrying back under the cedar tree with the little chicks following her. She’s a good mama!

We have two more hens setting and we’re going to put some blue Aracauna eggs (from our neighbor’s hens) under one of them. I’ve been dreaming of chickens, biddies, and having fresh eggs for SO long, and we finally have them again! Now, if I can talk my husband into getting goats! 😉

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We have another new member!

April 7, 2009

Ladies please welcome Marjorie to our little FWFarmgirl Chapter!!

Hands on….

April 3, 2009

newsinger1Whether it is a sewing project, gardening, baking bread, hanging out clothes,  or painting a picture it is getting back to basics, so to speak.


Years ago, I read a book called THE ART OF GOOD LIVING, by Svevo Brooksand he gave this (using your hands) as a daily activity. I can’t remember the specifics, and can’t find the book…Growing old?? LOL Maybe it’s time I took my own advice?? And his!!

MaryJane also had this intuitive idea! She has lots of suggestions on using hands (and feet!) such as using a treadle sewing machine, hand powered kitchen tools and such…

What is it you can do to use your hands more frequently?

As a “group” what can we do together? Any ideas, ladies?

Pretty website and CONTEST…

April 2, 2009

dsc02411My dear friend pointed me to this fabulous blog the other day called Warm Pie, Happy Home…I’m always on the lookout for a pretty blog. But she was in the middle of moving! Anyway, I found her again today and I just LOVE her new website, blog, and everything about it!! I’d put her right up there alongside MaryJanes Farm and FarmChicks!!!  

Another Feminine Lady out there!! Don’t we just LOVE it??

farm-chicks-in-the-kitchenShe is having a FABULOUS drawing for some yummy prizes! My favorite is the The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen: Live Well, Laugh Often, Cook Much
in the Kitchen…OH, and the MaryJane apron ; ) of course!!! Love them all! Okay, here’s the link to the contest, but you have to join her SISTERHOOD to enter the contest. Simply join by entering your email address, and clicking the link in the email, then you’ll get updates on her blog, and such….The link is on this page. Have FUN!!

Over the weekend…

April 1, 2009

I cleaned, tidied, laundered, made beds, decluttered BIG TIME….We had company from TX, our daughter in law returned from NY, we had three new biddies to hatch, nine new puppies were born, church services at church and HOME—What a BLESSING! But, wheeeewwww, I’m just plain ol’ tired!


April 1, 2009

magazine-artists-aprons4Welcome to our newest FWFarmgirl members, Victoria and Katherine! We now have FOUR farmgirls on board. One from the South (MS), one from the East (WV?), one from the West (CA) and one from Australia! We are an online group of farmgirls who are going to share, work together, create and support each other virtually…Sure it can work! Just wait and see!