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March 13, 2009


Welcome to the Official Feminine Ways Farmgirl Chapter of MaryJanesFarm. I’ve been a farmgirl all my life. From the age of four I’ve lived on the same farm. I’m 50 years old, and still live here! Come join me as I blog, share recipes, gardening ideas, and all the fun stuff I do in feminine farmgirl style!

A farmgirl believes in the strong arms of friendship, community, and the just plain fun of being together. A farmgirl takes joy in the quiet satisfaction of making things with her own hands. A farmgirl doesn’t have to live on a farm. There’s a farmgirl at heart in all of us!
MaryJane has created a vibrant community of women who share insights and tips through her magazine, website, and Farmgirl Chapters nationwide, in Canada and New Zealand. She is inviting everyone to join in…
Join my chapter and share ideas, talents, and conversation…Here is what you’ll get: membership certificate, card, and a bumper sticker!

 Latest News:

blueawardribbonsmall Receive a virtual blue ribbon by simply posting comments and pictures of Easter or Spring craft or sewing projects you are working on or have finished (or other things you have made recently). Members only…You can be a member by commenting and saying you would like to join. I will post the comment and pictures, and place a blue ribbon on it as a token of appreciation for your participation. This will be an ongoing project.


Join the FWFarmgirl chapter and contribute articles. You can send them to me and I’ll post them, or if you are a WordPress blogger I can add you as a user/author. 

I received my scrumptious package from MaryJanes Farm, ladies…If I don’t already have your address, then please email it to me privately so I can send your goodies!


A farmgirl believes in the strong arms of friendship, community, and the just plain fun of being together.

Right now I’m off to serve lunch to my husband, go check on the progress of the garden, check and admire the biddies, gather eggs, do a little ironing, and then start supper…See y’all  later!

From Kelly in WI…

May 7, 2009

blueawardribbonsmallI am in Darien WI. Hoping to start my vegetable garden this weekend if the weather cooperates.

Newest member…

May 7, 2009

We have another new member, ladies!!! Kelly! Welcome!

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Mayhaw jelly…A Southern Tradition

April 28, 2009

A friend and I were just talking today about the Mayhaw. It is becoming harder and harder for us to find in the wild, although from my research I found out it is being revived in orchards, and is available in nurseries now. I’m not sure if it is/was actually on the verge of being extinct, but according to this article: – the long-living tradition of going out and picking them in the spring, of which I have been familiar with all of my life, is becoming a thing of the past for several reasons – one being the destruction of the mayhaw’s native habitat. It’s about that time of the year again to go out and forage for these berries for making scrumptious Mayhaw jelly. I wonder if we will find them! They are very similar to a crabapple I’d say – the closest description I can come up with for anyone unfamiliar with these… Also a pic is found here:

busy bees….

April 27, 2009
Just a little sampling of dewberries

Just a little sampling of dewberries

I don’t know why I keep dreaming up new things, because everything I already have and do keeps me busier than bees in the springtime! But you know me!!

Dewberries! We’ve picked about 4 gallons so far, and many more are out there….Now to get all that we can before it rains or they ruin…So we’ll have plenty for cobblers, jams, jellies, syrup, juice, and eating in ice cream. I’ve even sold 2 gallons, so that should tell you how MANY we have this year! I usually don’t sell them unless we have plenty. I’ve made two cobblers today and one Saturday…So good!
Taking time to smell the roses...

Taking time to smell the roses...

Dear son brought these to me the other day from the flower garden…I was so touched that my grown 28 year old son would take the time to think of his mother amidst the chores, taking care of the horses, gardening, and all the other things he does that keeps him hopping. Aren’t they so pretty…I would have probably missed seeing them had he not picked them.
 So, my little bit of rest is over, and I need to get back to work!

NO longer solo….

April 27, 2009

blackberryWe have three new local members!!!

Martha – New Augusta, MS

Mary – New Augusta, MS

Carolyn – Huntsville, AL

LOCALLY, we have our first “meeting” planned for June 3…We will be making dewberry, and blackberry jam and jelly! Maybe more types, depending on what we have available between the four of us.

kitchenlady2Our next tentative meeting, (no date set yet) for the next meeting, we will be picking tomatoes (and whatever else is ready such as peppers, onions, etc., that we need to make chow-chow, salsa, and canned tomatoes) at a local U-pick farm.

Not only will it be productive, getting more done in less time, but as my friend said, “It will be fun!” I can’t wait!!!

ahhhh, sigh……

April 22, 2009

spring-060We’ve been working hard all morning picking dewberries, feeding the chickens, dog and pups, horses, and the poor little biddies…another story, later.

Exhausting, but the rewards are plenty!


I love getting outdoors this time of the year! The white clover is everywhere! I love soaking up the sunshine, smelling the honeysuckle, black locust, and sweet shrub blooming…Nature at its best in my opinion.

We have TONS of dewberries and blackberries this year, all wild, mind you…God is good! I’ve picked, okay WE picked 3 big coffee cans full already! Ran out of room in the can, and ruined a blouse using it to hold the berries, but that’s okay, if it doesn’t wash out I’ll just dye it purple….LOL

My legs and feet are aching, but that’s okay too because I need the exercise!

Now for the sad part…The hen with the first biddies that hatched is gone. A varmint got her a few days ago….Probably the fox, but not certain. A skunk was also seen rambling about the same night!We have had to shut up the biddies which I hate doing, but must, in order to keep the little buggers alive.

AND, (not totally sad) The other hen hatched all of her biddies, total of five, but only two lived for some strange reason…They are much tinier than the other biddies when they hatched, and SO adorable I want to squeeze them!! We have them shut up in a horse stall until the biddies grow a bit.

We thought they were safe in there, when we so sneakily caught her and her biddies under the old corn crib, and the other orphaned ones from underneath the big old cedar tree, and cunningly moved them all to the stall. Weren’t we so smart??? The bigger biddies even crouched down and wriggled up under her. Amazing!! We were so proud! The hen took in her sister’s biddies!!! Wasn’t that so sweet?? In the dark, I suppose, they really didn’t care. The mother hen was clucking softly and seemed to take them as if they were her own.

Hold on, there’s more to the story….Sigh…We went out yesterday morning and there was NO HEN and NO BIDDIES in there! The smart aleck orphaned biddies were BACK under the old cedar tree, as if we hadn’t even moved them!! But WHERE were the tiny biddies and their mother?? We searched and searched (think red feathers)…We were going to set traps, or get out the old shotgun. Miserable fox has had it!!! Then………..we heard chirping! It was music to our ears! Bless their little hearts!!! They had somehow found a very small hole in the dirt under the wall, and had gone through to the next stall. The hen must have undoubtedly flew out and went to them. She’s a better muddah than we gave her credit for! They were all huddled in the corner right behind Begorrah.

Ahhhh, yes, the BIG strawberry roan (well big up beside those little biddies). Wheeeeeew! It’s a world’s wonder they didn’t get stomped to bits. This horse is as crazy as a loon! She throwed dear son and ran over my dear husband leaving bumps, bruises, and swellings a couple of years ago, and we don’t EVEN trust this horse!! She spooks very easily!! Day before yesterday she got spooked by us trying to catch the orphaned biddies. She bucked and snorted, and slid down in the slippery clover twice before coming to her senses and standing upright…Crazy horse!! We couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry or go get the horse trailer and haul her off to the stockyard. But, it was just too hilarious.

BUT, not as hilarious as my husband thought about me chasing the biddies with a fishing net….Hmp

This is where the chase took place…By the way! And dear hubby, well, he watched, and laughed, and finally ran over and tackled the last poor biddie, saying he could have done it sooner, but enjoyed seeing me running around, much more-so. Okay……..

We had patched up the old chicken cage beforehand, so off we go to save the day, and the biddies. And they are happily chirping away, even though I know they would be much happier running loose!! I’d probably go let them out if I wouldn’t have to chase the daylights out of them again….Really!

So….We now have three hens, three roosters, and five biddies – total – all shut up except we let the grown ones loose during the day and will definitely shut them up at night from now on. Why, oh why did we trust that old sneaky fox?? Or was it the skunky skunk?? 

My husband’s brother is going to order more for us in about two weeks, so we’ll be back in the chicken business full force…Although it will be a few months before they start laying. We might also look for grown chickens for sale, in the meantime. But a neighbor gave us one egg short of a dozen and a half yesterday, in exchange for hunting turkey on our property! Another one gave us about a dozen a week ago. Good neighbors! So there’s no egg shortage for the time-being!

I know I’M rambling now….I’m sure I will have more updates on all of these farm animals, and of course, pictures as soon as possible! I can’t risk scaring that stupid horse in the stall next to the hen and tiny biddies!! A camera flash???? OH, my heavens! She’d probably tear up the whole stall cutting cartwheels!!

Wouldn’t you know it???

April 18, 2009

I visited my mother and step-father this afternoon, and was AMAZED at all the pretty flowers in their yard!!! Roses-roses-roses…Red, yellow, pinks, (a trillion shades of pink, ladies) a scrumptious dark purple one! And some other gorgeous flowers of which I didn’t recognize…Spiky purple blooms-succulent. I’ll have to look it up….Their new baby goat, orphaned a couple of weeks ago, was the CUTEST thing, it followed us around, and wanted to come inside….Poor thing. We also got some red worms to feed the bird we kidnapped….This man has OODLES of those nasty things in THREE bathtubs. Talk about multiplying! They are nasty, but they make the RICHEST composted soil I have ever seen in my life?! We have a small bucket-full, and I HOPE dear son or hubby (I ain’t touching them!) will make a bed for them so we can have FREE worms for fishing!!

Wouldn’t you know, I didn’t have my CAMERA with me!!!

another hen hatching biddies and more goings on…

April 18, 2009

We have one more biddie from another hen. Sadly two have died, and another has been tring to hatch for two days….My husband is itching to “help” it….But we’ve always had problems when we didn’t just let nature take its course, so we’re waiting. And waiting…

Speaking of nature, we have two outdoor cats. We also have LOTS of birds here, and nature is that a cat will catch a bird, right? Well, dear son wouldn’t let that happen yesterday when he found a baby bird lying on the ground. We hunted and hunted for the nest but only found one that was a bit on the ragged side, and the baby wouldn’t stay put when we placed it in there. We put it in an old rabbit cage. The cats almost killed it three times since. Every mother bird on our place was throwing a fit when they heard it chirping…Talk about communal! The baby is supposedly a brown thrasher, but even a mockingbird and other birds were looking out after it! Now it is in the house! Oh dear! Talk about déjà vu! When our children were little we always had an assortment of animals and birds in the house…We even had baby pigs wrapped in blankets one time when it was icy outside, and they slid right out of the pen onto the icy/cold ground and right in the middle of a puddle. Of course they had to have a bath, as well!  Hmmmm, yeah…But they were so CUTE!!!

Growing Lavender

April 18, 2009
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teaGrowing Lavender, DayBreak Lavender Farm.

Very good info on growing your own lavender! Having failed three times, this is the information I’ve been looking for.